FAQs - N54

Check out this page for answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our N54 kits. We will continue to update this page so check back often. (Last Updated: June 2020)

1. Do you offer a kit for the N54 platform?

  • YES, the Speedtech N54 kit was released in December 2018. Check out our N54 Products page for info and pricing.

2. What is the price of the N54 kit?

  • There are many options to choose from for our N54 kits. The “Speedtech N54 Complete Kit” pricing will vary depending on the turbo you choose. See our N54 Pricing page for details and current pricing.

3. How can I reserve or pay for my kit?

  • If you are interested in a kit, you can purchase the kit in full or pay a $1000 down payment with the remainder due prior to shipping. 

5. What is the lead time on a kit?

  • In order to keep pricing low, we are making kits in batch runs. Lead time on kits is anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks currently.

6. Does the N54 kit work with x-drive models?

  • Yes, we designed the kit to work with RWD and AWD.

7. Does the kit work on RHD models?

  • No, at this time fitment cannot be verified. From what we can see in CAD, it looks like there is a chance for our kit to work, with a modified wastegate pipe.

8. Does the N54 kit work on E60 chassis?

  • We have not done any fitment on E60 chassis cars. Right now we have fitment for E8x, E9x, F2x, F3x.

9. What are payment options for the N54 kit?

  • You can purchase your kit through our website via credit card, paypal or Affirm. We also accept bank wire transfer. For payments made via wire transfer; email support@speedtech.com for banking info and instructions.

10. Can I buy a N54 kit without a turbo?

  • Yes, we offer 4 different kits without a turbo. See our N54 Product & Pricing page for current pricing and details.

11. Can I buy just a N54 manifold?

  • No, unfortunately at this time we are not able to sell the manifold separately. Due to the timeline of manifold production, all manifolds are used to fulfill kits. 

12. Do you have install instructions for your N54 kits?

  • Yes, we provide full color instructions with the purchase of our N54 kits and we are available for questions as well by emailing us at: jeff@speedtech.com or support@speedtech.com. Due to sensitive nature, we do not offer electronic copies.

13. Do you offer any discounts on the kits?

  • We offer a military discount. To receive this discount, email us a photocopy of your military id and we will issue you a promo code. Beyond that, our kits are heavily discounted already so no further discounts are currently offered.

14. Do you have dyno data for your N54 kits?

  • Yes, see the N54 Product Page for Dyno data

15. Do you ship overseas?

  • If you need to ship outside of the United States, we can ship direct to you. However, we recommend using a forwarding service in order to save on shipping costs. Due to size, weight and value of our kits, our overseas shipping rates are very costly. (www.MYUS.com is one of the forwarding services our current customers have used.)

16. Does the N54 kit retain stock location of water pump?

  • The water pump location moves about 25mm forward from the stock location, so retains stock hoses and routing for thermostat side, then from pump to engine we supply silicone and billet flange to block with all kits except the “Hot-Side Only” kits.

17. What turbocharger do you recommend?

  • If you check out the N54 Pricing page, we have comparison charts for the turbos including pricing and max WHP, to help in your turbo selection.

  • Note, the WHP charts are based on running e85. If you will be using pump gas, you need to multiply the WHP figure(s) by 0.70 in order to get a more accurate WHP figure. Example: BW S369 max of 950whp on e85, whereas on pump gas max of 665whp. (950 x 0.70 = 665whp)

As for our opinion on the selling points of each line of turbos:
  • Garrett GTX line - One of, if not the, best turbo lines. Water cooled, ball bearing, great materials and quality. If you plan to ever road race your car, these are a great choice with the water cooled center section. Wide range of options ranging from 400-950whp. If budget allows it, the GTX line is tough to beat.

    BorgWarner SX-E - The best turbo per dollar. Oil cooled, journal bearing, so not the highest tech turbo, but BW builds and validates their turbos per OEM standards, as they supply OEMs with thousands of turbos per year, so they know how to put out high quality/low cost. Due to journal bearing, you will see a slightly slower spool up transition compared to the ball bearing GTX or Precision Gen2, but can be hard to tell on the street for some people. If low cost and high quality are at the top of your list, the BW SXE line is the one to choose.

    Precision - Great performing turbos, usually one of the highest HP per comp wheel size. These are oil cooled like the BW SXE, but the Precision line has options of journal or ball bearing, you'll pay more for the ball bearing (noted as "Gen 2") turbos vs journal bearing. 

18. What is your warranty and return policy?

At SPEEDTECH we stand behind the quality products that we sell. While most kit parts are interchangeable between their specific platforms, each kit is also tailored to the specific end user and includes customized components. If for some reason you want/need to return your turbo kit, the following will apply:

  • No Returns are allowed on any product after 30 days from the date you receive your turbo kit.

  • All products and components must be new, unused and in original packaging.

  • All returns require a Return Materials Authorization - email support@speedtech.com for return details and to receive your RMA number. If you do not have a RMA number, your return will be marked return to sender and your return will not be processed.

  • All products are made to order, therefore a 20% restocking fee applies to all returns.



    If you have an issue with your turbocharger, all warranty issues are handled directly through the turbocharger manufacturer as SPEEDTECH does not modify the turbochargers in any way.


    All parts come with a limited warranty and will be resolved on an individual basis by emailing us at support@speedtech.com. This guarantees SPEEDTECH parts to be free from manufacturing defects.