FAQs - N55

Check out this page for answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our N55 kits. We will continue to update this page so check back often. (Last Updated: February 2020)

1. Do you have N55 kits in stock?

  • All of our N55 EFR kits are made to order and generally require a 4 to 6 week lead time, largely due to BorgWaner EFR turbo availability from the manufacturer.

2. Do you offer a kit for the N54 platform?

  • Yes, The Speedtech N54 kit was released in December 2018. Check out our N54 Product & Pricing pages for info.

3. What are payment options?

  • You can purchase your kit through our website for shipping within the United States via credit card, paypal or Affirm. We also accept bank wire transfer. For wires and instructions, email jeff@speedtech.com or support@speedtech.com 

4. Do you ship overseas?

  • If you need to ship outside of the United States, we recommend signing up for a www.MYUS.com shipping account, or similar, prior to making your Speedtech purchase. MYUS offers much cheaper shipping rates being a large shipping site than we are able to for our overseas customers. Then you can purchase your kit and input your specific myus shipping address upon checkout from our website.

  • IF YOU PREFER TO HAVE US SHIP YOUR KIT OVERSEAS - email jeff@speedtech.com for shipping quotes and options.

5. What is included in a SpeedTech N55 EFR turbo kit?

Included with our SpeedTech EFR Turbo Kits are the following: (Check out our Shopping page for info/pricing)
  • BorgWarner EFR Turbo (Visit BorgWarner EFR Turbos's for more information on the their EFR Turbo line)
  • Cast Exhaust Manifold (divided for twin scroll), ceramic coated

  • Stainless Steel Downpipe

  • RH Engine Mount

  • Waterpump Mount Bracket

  • Coolant Hoses and Billet Fittings

  • Oil Lines and Billet Fittings

  • Aluminum Turbo Inlet Tube Fitting/bracket

  • Silicone Turbo Outlet Tube

  • Silicone Couplers

  • Intercooler Billet Adapter

  • WG Bracket and Linkage Assembly

  • Required Fasteners and Hose Clamps

  • V-band Clamp

  • Full instructions

6. I'm trying to keep costs down, can I run a hybrid turbo instead of the BorgWarner EFR turbo on the N55 EFR kit?

  • Our SpeedTech manifold and the EFR turbos are designed appropriately to run anywhere from 400-900hp, as opposed to the small stock manifold which will limit you to a range of less than 500hp (less than 450 to reduce chance overspinning the small shaft/bearings/seals). Many of the people buying our kits are tired of replacing hybrid turbos due to running beyond capacity and damaging seals/bearings/etc. (likely because it is not designed to flow much above stock hp). Most people don't realize how good the BorgWarner EFR turbos are. There is a reason they cost over $2,500 USD and are more than twice the cost of any other turbo available for other N55 kits. Link to more info on the BorgWarner EFR Turbos.

7. How much do your kits cost?

  • N55 kits - start at $4,400 USD + shipping for the BorgWarner 7064/7670, $4,900 USD + shipping for the BorgWarner 8374, $5,000 + shipping for the BorgWarner 9180 kit or $5,050 + shipping for the BorgWarner 8474 kit. See our Shopping page for further details. Please keep in mind, our N55 Stage 3 kits use a $2,500 USD BorgWarner EFR turbo, not a smaller, lesser quality journal bearing turbo. When adding in all of the other kit components, plus the EFR, these prices are our best available and are currently already discounted.

8. What will I need to do to hit 600 whp with your N55 kit?

  • To hit 600whp, some additional fueling will be required, and we recommend a port injection setup running either straight E-85 or methanol. We have found that running pump gas, with either E-85 or methanol in the port injection, is a great daily driver setup that can get you beyond 700whp.

9. Will your N55 EFR Turbo kit fit on an E-chassis N55? If so, what are the turbo options?

  • Yes, our kit will fit an E-chassis N55. The EFR turbo options for E-chassis cars are: 7064 (550whp) and 7670 (650whp). The 7670 is the largest EFR that will fit. 

10. Does the N55 Turbo kit fit RHD cars?

  • No. We have only run our kit on LHD cars and have unfortunately, not fit up a kit on a RHD car so we do not know if our kit will work on RHD cars. If you have a way to scan your car, or an other idea on fitting a kit to your RHD car, please reach out to us and with quality data we can work together to determine if our kit will fit a RHD car. 

11. Will your EFR kit work on a N55 M235i?

  • Yes, the kit will fit a M235i chassis as it shares the same parts as the F30 chassis. Turbo Options are: 7064 (up to 550whp), 7670 (up to 650whp), 8374 (up to 750whp), and 9180/9174 (up to 950whp) for this chassis.

12. Are your N55 EFR kits compatible with a N55 135i?

  • Yes, our E chassis kit will fit the E82 chassis. Options for turbos on the E chassis N55 cars are: 7064 (550whp), 7670 (650whp), 8374 (750whp) and 9180/9174 (up to 950whp).

13. Will your N55 EFR kit fit a M2?

  • Yes, the 7670 and smaller turbos fit well, while the 8374 and larger are a tight fit between the manifold and RH frame rail. We have had a handful of customers run the 8374 in the M2 chassis but want to be upfront about the tight clearances in that platform. 

14. Will the N55 EFR kit fit a BMW 335i N55 xdrive?

  • It depends on chassis and desired turbo. Options for turbos on the xdrive are: 7064 (up to 550whp), and 7670 (up to 650whp). Due to xdrive subframe differences, the 8374 and larger require re-routing coolant lines and waterpump, different from our kits. We do have F30 customers running the 8374, but modifications to the coolant hose routing, mount bracket, and intake tube need to be made by the end user in order to fit.

15. Will the N55 EFR kit fit a E-82 N55?

  • Yes, the N55 kit will the e-chassis. Options for turbos on the E chassis are: 7064 (up to 550whp), and 7670 (up to 650whp).

16. Will your N55 EFR kit fit a 535i?

  • Due to the differences from the 335i to 535i, our kit would need to be adapted in a few ways to fit the 535i. For our 535i customers, we could offer you a "tuner" kit of sorts, with the manifold, downpipe, oil lines, coolant lines/hoses, charge pipe, partial intake, etc. That would get you most of the way there, but then you would have to do a bit of fabricating work to do final fit up for the downpipe, intake, and rh motor mount.

17. Can I buy just a N55 manifold?

  • At this time we are not able to sell the manifold separately. Due to the rate of our manifold production, all manifolds are reserved for kits.

18. Can I buy a N55 EFR kit without a turbo?

  • If our kit is compatible with your car, YES we will sell a kit without a BorgWarner EFR turbo, pricing starts at $2,800 USD + shipping.

19. Will there be any clearance issues with your N55 EFR kit?

  • There are no clearance issues with any of the F-chassis cars. The only fitment issue we have found is on the E-82 dct cars, our coolant hose was not routed in the correct path to fit these cars, thus we are currently in the process of making a new hose for our kits for these cars. 

20. What type of fueling/additional modifications are recommended to run with your N55 EFR turbo setup?

  • We recommend a port injection kit for the additional fueling, plus a higher flow intank pump, or run a separate pump to feed either E-85 or Methanol to the port injection. If you go that route, you can probably leave the stock LPFP as is. If your goal is 550whp, you'll need some secondary fueling, best bet is a port injection kit, where you have the option of supplying it from its own methanol tank, or connecting to the stock tank. If you connect the PI to the stock tank, you'll need an upgraded LPFP also.   

21. What are the turbo options for the F30 N55 kit?

  • Turbo options for the F30 chassis are: 7064 (550whp), 7670 (650whp), 8374 (750whp), 8474 (900whp) or 9180/9174 (up to 950whp). 

22. I saw a dyno of a hybrid Stage 2 and LPFP stage 2 with E-85 and it came out to like 460HP, will your N55 EFR kit make more HP than this? 

  • Yes, you'll make more power per psi with our kit than any hybrid option, as the EFR turbo and our manifold are both sized correctly for 400-900hp options, as opposed to any hybrid with the small stock manifold. Our manifold cross sectional area is literally 3 times bigger than the stock manifold you'll find with the other options. See Below Image:


 23. Do you have install instructions for your kits?

  • We provide full color instructions with the purchase of our kits and we are available for questions as well by emailing us at: jeff@speedtech.com or support@speedtech.com. Due to sensitive nature, we do not provide electronic copies.

24. Do you have dyno data for your N55 EFR kits?

  • Yes, see the N55 Product page for dyno data.

25. What is your warranty and return policy?

At SPEEDTECH we stand behind the quality products that we sell. While most kit parts are interchangeable between their specific platforms, each kit is also tailored to the specific end user and includes customized components. If for some reason you want/need to return your turbo kit, the following will apply:

  • No Returns are allowed on any product after 30 days from the date you receive your turbo kit.

  • All products and components must be new, unused and in original packaging.

  • All returns require a Return Materials Authorization - email support@speedtech.com for return details and to receive your RMA number. If you do not have a RMA number, your return will be marked return to sender and your return will not be processed.

  • All products are made to order, therefore a 20% restocking fee applies to all returns.



    If you have an issue with your turbocharger, all warranty issues are handled directly through the turbocharger manufacturer as SPEEDTECH does not modify the turbochargers in any way.


    All parts come with a limited warranty and will be resolved on an individual basis by emailing us at support@speedtech.com. This guarantees SPEEDTECH parts to be free from manufacturing defects.